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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled today: 8
Miles travelled so far: 365
Miles still to go: 93
Percentage complete: 80%

Point reached on journey: Now on Day 21 (8th out from Weathertop) I'm climbing in the steep lands of the Trollshaws.

Where I really went...

Ironically, considering all the hills around here, I was not emulating the Hobbits and climbing in the hills. Instead my cycle ride today was the flattest I can do, ie out along the old railway line (now a footpath and cycle track) to the mouth of the River Gwynant and then back again.

Looking at my progress and the distance left to do, I have set myself a new challenge. My target now is to complete this leg of the journey on my birthday. Just think, I can emulate matociquala and spend my birthday celebrating in Rivendell. :)

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