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Random useful things done

I had thought about going for a run this morning, but it's been pouring with rain and though it's now stopped, it's bloody cold out there. I will settle for a walk later.

Otherwise I've done a few random useful things such as sorting out my anti-virus software which was about to expire and moving the paper for recycling from the conservatory into the garage for the collection on Wednesday. I've also pulled all the stuff out from the top shelf of the big kitchen cupboard. Have managed to force myself to throw away the Nice Paper Carrier Bags/Big Gift Bags. This sort of thing is the bane of my life because it triggers the, "Oh, that might come in useful/That's too nice to throw away," response.

I've also moved the Caithness glass lamp base into the garage. This was a wedding present and has never been used in the 34 years we've been married. Ever the optimist, I still think I may get a lamp fitting and a shade for it one day. Or perhaps I could get some decorative twiggy things and just use it as a vase?

All this moving stuff about is in an attempt to find space to store a few homeless items that just float about the kitchen and conservatory and make them look messy.


Off to put the stuff back into the cupboard so we can have the kitchen table to eat lunch off.

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