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Another good writing session today produced 670 words. I think I've got this novel in the air at last! After a loooong taxi down the runway, it's finally left the ground and folded up its undercarriage. Whee! I can now just type straight onto the computer. I'm sure it'll stall at some point before it's finished, and then I'll have to revert to hand-written first draft, and when the weather improves in the spring, I'll probably start writing outdoors again too, and that means pen and paper, but for the moment, the ideas are flowing well enough that I can go straight to keyboard.

Also, at 22,000 words, I've reached the transition from Beginning to Middle. And for the first time, I know that that's the point I'm at. This novel is a departure in a couple of ways. It's the first one I've planned the structure of before starting to write. It's also the first comedy I've attempted. I've had humorous moments in quite a lot of my stories -- well, I hope they were humorous, but the overall tone of the story was serious.

At the moment, I'm just doing the comedy by instinct. When I get to the revision stage, I'd like to be more analytical, but right now, I'm terrified that if I look too closely at what I'm doing, it'll all fall apart. What I can say is that it isn't jokey, laugh-a-minute comedy. This book has no jokes. Or footnotes. What it does (I hope) have, is amusing situations and funny incidents and dialogue.

There was a programme on TV the other week about transferring UK TV comedy to the US. Looking at the difference between the comedy styles, they said that one difference was that in programmes like, for example, Friends the characters said things that they themselves intended to be funny. Most UK comedy characters are not deliberately trying to be funny; they're just funny to the observer. That's what I'm aiming at with the WIP. So no wisecracks, though there will probably be the occasional dry comment.

As far as I can see, from cursory glances over the opening chapters, there are funny bits in there. The answer to the question of whether it's funny enough and whether anyone else will think it's funny will have to wait until the whole thing is finished because I am determined that no one is reading more than the snippets I post here and to the iwrislomo list until the whole first draft is complete. I must not fall into the trap of the Endless Revision Loop. Therefore, as I have no use for comments until I'm ready to revise and (one more time) I must not fall into the trap of the Endless Revision Loop, there's no point in anyone reading chapters until then.

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