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Ever the optimist

I probably wouldn't have taken any photos today as the weather wasn't good, but I'm in a Flickr group where you post a photo a week about what you've been doing, so I grabbed my camera and took these.

Tomato seedlings

I have a black thumb. I can kill anything, so why am I trying to grow tomatoes from seeds?

I'm a bit miffed that only two of the 5 seeds I planted germinated. However these two little fellows seem to be doing OK so far. I have them on my study window ledge so I won't forget about them.

Wash day

Sunday is never a day of rest for me. It's the day for catching up on all the housework that doesn't get done in the week when I'm working. 

April showers

But the one I actually posted to the group was this one...

Raindrops on the conservatory window.

April showers
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