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I can has a new WIP :)

I looks like my timetable might finally settle down into a form where I get some regular writing sessions.

This morning I managed 430 words on a new short story. It's set in the same world as Moving a Mountain, but up in the dwarfs' country (which I think has a name, but I can't remember it and I am typing this in work as I wait to teach the evening class, so can't look it up).

As the new novel WIP is taking its time to generate scenes, I thought I'd try some short stories. It will be good practice at finishing things. One of the problems with novels is that it takes many months (or in my case years!) to finish one story.

Typing on the Eee is becoming more automatic and I only occasionally miss the right shift key now. But I do find the word count in Open Office a bit weird. I'd added words to the file, so I highlighted the new words and did a word count. Open Office then told me that I'd written 430 words and the whole document was 455 words. But no, I thought, this cannot be. There were over 400 words of notes in the document before I started typing.

Highlighting the whole document and doing a word count gave me a more sensible number, but it's "Whole document" count seems a bit suspect if you ask me.

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