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Thinking about scenery

On my lunchtime walk, I started thinking about the difference between pretty and photogenic.

It was another lovely day, with enough breeze on the hill that walking was pleasant, despite the hot sun. I strode along, feeling content, breathing the scent of the hedgerows and noticing the flowers, the dog rose and the pretty little purple things. (Look, I was an inner city kid, I'm not very good on flower names) and trying to take some photos to post here. And although I was feeling, "how pleasant and delightful", there really weren't any good pictures to be had. I won't find out till tonight exactly what I've got, but I can tell you now, they won't be very exciting, even if they look green and vaguely pretty. Unlike some of the photos I took around the place I used to work, Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Most people think Blaenau is a dump. Personally I have a soft spot for the place, but even I have to admit that it is mostly ugly and shabby and yet... and yet... It's extremely photogenic. On a bright, hot day, the mountains look rugged and the slate tips towering over the town glisten in the sun. On a misty day (far more common), the mist swirls in a dramatic fashion around the crags. Even the buildings and railway bridges make good pictures. It's all about shape and structure and colour and some places have it and others -- however pleasant to walk through -- just don't.

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