Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Not too surprising really

In lieu of actual content, here's the result of a quizzy thing. (Found via birdsedge

When I was young, I dreamed about having a totally book-lined study. These days with the Internet, and facing the fact that we're never going to be rich enough to have a big house with a room to spare as a library, I've dropped that particular dream. But I still do have a fair number of books, even if I am now prepared to let some go when they're no longer wanted or relevant.

Which reminds me, one of the useful things I did yesterday was to take an old book of G's on steam trains to the local second hand bookshop. I got a fiver for it, which was nice. (Even if I did then spend far more than a fiver on a new pair of shoes for G.)

I hope the book finds it's way into the hands of a train geek who will enjoy it.
Tags: books, quizzy thing

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