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Baked potato supper

For our Welsh class, we have been asked to write some little stories about "When I was young." This is the first.

When I was young, I lived in Manchester. I was born in St Mary's Hospital in the centre of the city but my brother was born at home. I was only three years old, but I remember his birth. My mum and dad gave the new baby to me to cuddle.

Often, my dad would work late. In the winter it was dark before he arrived home. I liked to wait up until he arrived.

When I was clean after a bath in a tin bath in front of the fire[*] and when I was wearing my Wincyette pyjamas, my mum prepared supper for my dad and she made a baked potato for me. (There was a bathroom in the house, but because it was cold, when I was young I used to have a bath in the living room!)

The baked potato was special too. My mum used to scoop the potato out of the skin and she used to mix it with butter, a little milk and salt and pepper. Then she would put the potato back in the skin. Very tasty!

Welsh is here...

NB: In Welsh you use the imperfect tense in a lot of places where you would use the simple past in English. Please bear this in mind when comparing the translation with the original.

[*] Class in-joke relating to one of the stories in the course book. :)
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