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Horrible dark wet day

At least it was a horrible dark wet day outside, but inside I was warm and snug and made a fair bit of progress on various things. Since re-negotiating my timetable last summer, I don't work on Mondays. This gives me a day in the house on my own, which is good for catching up on housework. I also did some writing and produced 761 words of typewritten first draft.

I did waste have to spend quite a bit of time transferring my To Do list from my Psion 5MX to an Excel spreadsheet on the PC. About half way through last week, the Psion just refused to switch on. It died on me once before and I did send if off to get it fixed, but I'm not paying to have it mended again. I'm currently using a half paper, half electronic system for managing Things To Do, so it won't be any different really having the electronic part on the PC rather than the Psion. Apart from the hassle of retyping the list that is. Strangely, after resting quietly in a drawer for a couple of days, the Psion did revive, but I no longer trust it, so it will probably be retired permanently.

I haven't done my exercise for today, though I did go for a walk yesterday. It was grey and raw and drizzly and the only other people I met out walking were with dogs. But by the time I'd done what I needed to do in the house, today was even worse and I declined to go out and get soaked.

Other progress: I downloaded and converted 4 more Catchphrase 2002 Welsh lessons from the BBC website. I have continued to listen to these in the car driving to work, and though I still haven't plucked up the courage to speak Welsh to anyone, my understanding is improving. It's like an image coming more sharply into focus. For a long while I've been able to get the gist of a conversation or new report on the radio, but I'm getting more precise detail now.

Now to make a light meal, watch a Man from U.N.C.L.E. episode on video, photocopy the handouts needed for tomorrow and perhaps get the belly dance video out and do some much needed exercise. (I have eaten far more chocolate than I should have today.)

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