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Can't stop yawning

I don't know what's the matter with me today, but I just feel sooooo sleepy and can't stop yawning. Fortunately I don't work on Tuesdays or I'd have been sleepwalking through the lessons.

We went down to Cardiff and Port Talbot on Sunday/Monday. We were supposed to have gone on Saturday, but G had lost his voice because he had a cold. Visit was therefore postponed one day.

We had a very pleasant time. Arrived about 3 pm on Saturday. G took a box of work to do (he doesn't really do socialising!), but I went for a nice walk round Roath Park with our daughter and grand-daughter. Lounged around and nattered with Ali and played with Erin, who can now walk and says a few words. She is so cute. :)

Next morning after a leisurely breakfast we drove to our son's house in Port Talbot. Another walk, this time to the beach and this time G came too. Then lunch, more nattering and looking at the photo album of the wedding, finally headed back home.

I know it's a long drive (3½ hours), but I shouldn't be this tired. Either I still haven't caught up with last week or I'm going down with the cold. (Crosses fingers that it's a cold I've already had because I seem to have had a whole string of colds this winter and don't want another one.)

Erin with Ali

Our daughter Ali with little Erin.

Roath park, Cardiff

Though busy, Roath Park has some pretty corners.

Bluebells in Roath Park, Cardiff

I was going to go out today and take photos of bluebells, but I succumbed to the tiredness and instead stayed inside.

I did at least manage to go right through all the stuff piled in the in-tray, so that is nicely under control and I know there's nothing nasty lurking waiting to pounce.

Now I just need to put all the boxes of files back into the car ready for tomorrow and buy something to eat.

Off now to the Co-op to replenish our supplies.

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