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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled today: 4.5
Miles travelled so far: 415.5
Miles still to go: 42.5
Percentage complete: 91%

Point reached on journey: Marching on through the night. Frodo is riding Glorfindel's horse.

Where I really went...

Just a quick cycle ride up the old railway to Penmaenpool. I spent the morning ferreting around in the folders on my hard drive, looking for unfinished stories so I could post the first lines, then, after lunch, I mowed some of the front lawn grass and sawed down some of the ugly shrubs that have sprung up again at the front by the parking area. Also uprooted half a dozen tiny holly saplings and two oak saplings. There is no room for more trees in the front garden! My arms still sting from where I was nettled and I was also scratched by the brambles that are trying to take over. Finally I transplanted a couple of sprigs of a ground covering shrub to the bank at the back and then called it a day because I thought it was about to rain.

If I wasn't trying to arrive in Rivendell for my birthday, I probably wouldn't have bothered with the exercise, but being away last weekend has put me behind schedule, so as the bike is the fastest way to clock up miles, I pedalled off down the cycle track.

Oh, and it didn't rain after all. The clouds passed over and it's now a beautiful evening, my lamb chops are almost cooked and I just have time to post this before I go and eat.

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