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What can you expect for a Bank Holiday?

Not rain and more rain, as is usually the case, but very high winds which are a bit scary because all the trees are in full leaf and it's making them bob and sway in a rather alarming manner.

Otherwise I have had a slightly productive day. I attacked the clean laundry mountain and ironed lots of clothes. Oooo! I will have clothes for next week without having an ironing panic just before I rush out to work.

The horrible weather meant that I didn't walk further than the Co-op, but I did read and make comments on some more of birdsedge's novel. *Waves! to birdsedge*

In other news...

I think I finally have a new novel to work on. Well, actually it's an old one I'd forgotten about but found the other day in a drawer when I was looking for something else. There's quite a lot already written and I think it might have potential. Not quite sure why I ever abandoned it, to be honest, though I did do a full outline to send to an agent who was interested, so it may have been a result of that.

Alternatively I just got to a hard bit and was promptly distracted by something else.

I'll give it a poke tomorrow and see what I can find on the computer.

In other other news...

Some of the tomatoes are wilting a little. I hope it's just a temporary set back due to root disturbance caused by the transplanting. Or perhaps they don't like the cold? It's been like a winter's day here. I've had to put the heater on in my room.

We did have a nice roast dinner though and I made more chocolate chip muffins (US style). Trouble is, I'm too full of roast pork to eat one.

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