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Yes, I have a new WIP

I have concluded that the Stonehenge Abduction novel is just not ready to write yet. My backbrain is sending up zilch in the way of scenes or images. Having promoted the story from third in the queue to first, it definitely needs more time to mature.

In the meantime I have some short things to write, but the other day I was looking for something in a drawer when I found the beginning and outline of a novel I'd forgotten all about. Oooooh, novel!

I had the printouts, but being lazy and hating the thought of retyping, I rummaged around on the hard drive, but couldn't find the electronic version. It then occurred to me that there may be floppies in the folder. There were! My glee was followed by a brief, "Oh, fsck!" moment as I remembered that the desktop machine has no floppy disk drive!

But then I remembered that the laptop I don't use any more has a floppy drive and hence I transferred the files over.

The files are PC Write files, which open fine in Word, but need reformatting (PC Write puts a hard line break at the end of each line, so I will call up my macros to remove them!)

I think I have about 15K plus a complete outline, so all I need to do is write the thing!
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