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Where's the storm we were promised?

It's still hot, and though it's gone dull and cloudy, we've had no more than the odd spot of rain.

At least today we spent quite a lot of the time in meetings in the new lecture theatre, which must be one of the coolest rooms in the college. Afterwards, I met the college mice. They are sooooo cute. There are some really pretty colours and they have wonderfully sleek coats and a really cheerful manner as they pottered about the cage. The college no doubt has wild mice, but these were fancy ones in the Small Animal Care Unit. There weren't any rats though [Sulk] but there were rabbits and guinea pigs and other things I'm not so sure of but I think they were chinchillas and some pretty little striped squirrel-like animals. Also two cats, with a sign on their run saying they were for re-homing. We also have a variety of birds plus a reptile room and a fish room, but I didn't venture into those as I prefer furry pets.

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