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Useful things done

The backs of my hands are all tingly. No, it's not some sinister symptom of RSI or anything like that, it's just that I spent an hour this morning hacking down vegetation in the back garden. And some of it was nettles, which I didn't spot until they'd managed to slosh me across the backs of both hands. Ouch! I applied dock leaves, in the time-honoured manner, but they're still a bit tingly.

Belatedly donning the protection of gardening gloves, I also wrestled with the brambles that have been sneaking into the garden and setting up home. It's probably just as well I've given up the online fiction tutoring. It wasn't good for the garden!

If I was still tutoring that course, this weekend would have been spent stuck on the computer critting approximately 18 short stories written for the first tutorial. I was never very efficient with the critting and would procrastinate like mad, so I'd spend lots of time fiddling around on the Web doing nothing very much and every so often deal with another story. This dragged the work out all weekend so I'd go back to work feeling jaded and unrefreshed and the grass in the garden would be several inches higher. But not only is the garden a tiny bit better than yesterday, I've also done a bit of house cleaning and converted the PC-Write files for the new WIP.

All this activity is part of my effort to avoid stimulus-response behaviour in my work. One thing I tried today was telling myself firmly that the Internet doesn't come on until three o'clock in the afternoon. (And you know what? I actually believed me!)

I'm going to stick to that, leaving the computer unplugged from the router until after I've done enough useful things. I know some of you multi-task very efficiently and like to have a bit of distraction, such as chat, going on in one window while you write in another, but I just can't do that. I have realised that I do one thing at a time and if I'm reading rasfc or LJ, that's all I'm doing and my mind isn't on anything else.

Anyway, enough of this waffling. The sky's looking a bit threatening, but I'm off out now for a walk and to buy something for dinner. There's cold chicken in the fridge, but I think we'll finish that tomorrow.
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