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A quiet sort of day, apart from the rabbit

I went to the Quaker meeting this morning. Despite being held in the town where Quakerism more or less started, our group is small, usually only about 10 people attend any one meeting. But today we had two new people. We naturally assumed they were on holiday in the area. (Quakers often join our meeting if they're staying in the area.) But after the serious part was over, during the usual chat over tea and biscuits, we discovered that these two had actually been living in the area for over 5 years. They seem nice, so I hope they come again.

After lunch I downloaded the photos I'd taken yesterday with the point and shoot, tweaked them a bit in PhotoShop, then decided that they weren't good enough to post for the "52 Weeks About U" photo a week Flickr group.

A few minutes grovelling around on the front lawn grass produced some nice buttercup shots, which also had to be tweaked.

Feeling guilty about the state of the garden, I decided there was just time for a bit of gardening before dinner. I grabbed the mini-scythe and went to slash down some weeds. (Possibly it's a sickle, but it's scythe shaped, not the classic curved sickle.) Managed to escape the nettles this time, which is just as well because my hands still tingle occasionally after yesterday.

I was heading towards the shed to put the tools away, absently thinking about what to eat for dinner, when I came to an abrupt halt because a rabbit was sitting by the garden shed. Obviously it was not a wild rabbit because it had lop ears.

Rabbit saw me and scarpered into the shed.

Had a Victor Meldrew moment. (For my non-UK readers: I don't belieeeeve it!)

What was I going to do with a rabbit? It still seemed quite young as it hadn't quite grown into its feet. But I needed to catch it because it was obviously someone's lost pet and anyway it couldn't stay in the shed. It might gnaw the mower and strimmer cables.

Spent about half an hour removing items from shed in attempt to corner rabbit. Fortunately I had recently bought a cat carrier (in preparation for acquiring cats in the not too distant future), so eventually I managed to bundle the rabbit inside and shut it safely in. "Don't gnaw my cat carrier!" I admonished it, as it proceeded to do that very thing. "It's new!"

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I tracked the owner to a few doors away at number 7 and the prodigal rabbit was returned home. I did warn them about letting it escape because our neighbours had a rabbit years ago when their children were small and something (presumably a stoat) killed it.

So now on my To Do list for tomorrow is: scrub out cat carrier to remove rabbit pee; sweep up rabbit poo in shed. *sigh*

Have some buttercups...

Grass roots view of our house

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