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Goodness what happened there? Could there be a way forward after all?

As I may have mentioned here previously, both G and I have been procrastinating mightily over getting a new bathroom suite. Basically, neither of us is that fond of baths, the room is tiny and so we'd rather turn it into a shower room. Also it's still the original suite that came with the house, which was built 25 years ago as public housing to a budget and thus was probably not the highest quality suite around. It's basic and functional, but not really a thing of beauty.

The need for a new bathroom is now more pressing as the taps (most of which have been replaced) are now beginning to play up. Intermittently we have no cold water in the kitchen and we've recently had to jam the hot water in the bathroom hand basin permanently off as it was constantly dribbling.

But we just couldn't seem to get over the hurdle of organising a new bathroom. Last year it was the stress of the inspectors in G's college and in recent months, G was too stressed over finishing the PhD to cope with disruption. (He gets very cranky if there's disruption at the best of times.)

It's not that we haven't tried. We've been round B&Q and chosen a suite we liked. But when we tried to use their online system to request a person to come and do a design for us, we had no joy. Twice.

Now I can fully appreciate that the service might not be available in the wilds of Wales, an hour and a half's drive from the nearest B&Q store, but you'd think their system could tell us that, wouldn't you? But no. Just silence.

I had previously tried contacting a local plumber, but he didn't get back to me and I wasn't in a sufficiently gung ho frame of mind at the time to chase him up.

Anyway this afternoon, for some unknown reason, I suddenly felt the urge to try a quick phone call to the local plumber. The phone rang and rang and rang. No answer phone. (Although I'm phonophobic, I finally mastered answerphones a couple of years ago and now quite like them.)

Now what kind of business doesn't even have an answerphone to take calls? It was an immediate turn off. I'm not going to contemplate doing business with someone who's difficult to get hold of. So I crossed him off the list. And went to Google...

Now I've tried online searches several times before, but I must have put in a slightly different search term this time because suddenly I was staring at a company I hadn't found before. One that is a mere 30 mins drive away. One that looks quite hopeful.

So unexpectedly, a project that seemed irrevocably stalled might be in motion at last. I'll be off up the coast to Dyffryn Ardudwy tomorrow to check out this bathroom place and then we'll see what transpires.
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