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Writing progress

I didn't get out to hack and slay grass in the garden after all, but I did clear out a kitchen cupboard (where does all that out of date food come from?) and managed a bit of exercise in the form of a two mile walk looping around the bypass and playing fields to end up at the Spar in order to buy a bottle of wine, some tomatoes and little cheesecakes for dessert.

I'm slowly uploading the ten-year-old novel into my brain. I'm hoping I might actually get some new words this week, but I now have a circular diagram after transferring the old synopsis into the Excel spreadsheet. :)

I also phoned my Dad who is 87 today! He keeps remarkably well and has developed a taste for reading fiction. He's just embarked on an omnibus of P G Wodehouse Jeeves stories.

And now just time for a bedtime milky drink before heading off to bed.

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