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Funny sort of a day really

Mostly I've just mooched around. For once I have an excuse. I had excruciating sinus pain in my right cheek last night. It came on during the evening class and was agony driving home. Breathing steam seemed to help a little, as did 2 aspirin, but I didn't get to sleep before about 2 am after getting up to breathe steam again in an attempt to relieve whatever blockage was causing the pain.

The pain had almost vanished by the morning, but as it was my day off, I nipped into town to see if I could get an emergency appointment with the doctor, which I did, at 4 pm.

So, as I said, a day of mooching, waiting till it was time to see the doctor and doing nothing very much other than a bit of ironing. The doctor was one I hadn't seen before, but she was pleasant and helpful. She wasn't sure that antibiotics would help, but she prescribed them anyway to clear any infection that might be lurking in the hidden depths. After leaving the surgery clutching my prescription, I trotted into town to get the tablets from the chemist. (Also bought the coffee and cheese I'd forgotten to get on the first trip into town!)

So now I'm going to do 15 minutes in the garden before watching an episode of Doctor Who that I downloaded from the BBC iPlayer page. G teaches an evening class tonight (I swear that at times we're like Corporal Colon and his wife who communicate solely by notes!) but I'll eat before he gets back as I've realised that one of the reasons the weight had sneaked back on over the winter was that I was eating late at night. This is not good for me, so for the past week I have started a new regime in which I take more interesting food to work and rather than just having a snack in the evening and then eating a meal when I get in (which can be as late as 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm by the time I've prepared whatever it is), I take a proper meal with something like a piece of roasted chicken breast and a rice and bean salad.

It seems to be working. After becoming a blob over the winter, I've now lost 1lb! Just another 6 or 7 to go and I'll be back where I want to be. :)

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