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I have a tomato! But it's still too small to eat :)

Somehow I still haven't managed to kill the tomato plants. A couple of them have flowered and I currently have two tiny tomatoes.

Tiny tomato

As they're still smaller than peas (photo above taken with macro!) it will still be some time before I can eat my very own home grown tomatoes.

The tomato plants

They'd better not grow any taller or I'll have to train them across the ceiling!

Pop bottle pot (the two parts)

This shows my version of these pop bottle pots.

Pop bottle pot (detail)

Close-up showing the watering hole.

The complete pop bottle pot

The complete pop bottle pot, ready for use.

This is my version of the pots described here. There must be a difference between US and UK pop bottles because the top won't fit into the bottom unless I slit the side.

However, it seems to work OK and otherwise they are as described on the linked page.

You can see the hole through which you water the plant.

And here are some tomato flowers.

Tomato flowers
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