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I'm now in Rivendell!!!

I'm now in Rivendell. I feel really at home here and as you can see, they have Net access! Things have obviously moved on since Frodo's visit.

I am about to eat, but I just wanted to record my final mileage.

Walking to Rivendell

Miles cycled today: 13
Miles travelled so far: 458
Miles still to go: 0
Percentage complete: 100%


This is I think the first day where I've recorded a mileage that's not too far off what the Hobbits were doing. :)

As I also walked to the Quaker meeting and back this morning, this also gives me 1 mile on the next leg, which is to Lothlorien.

Miles walked today: 1
Miles travelled so far from Rivendell: 1 (459 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 461
Percentage complete: 0.2%
Tags: cycling, eowyn challenge, exercise
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