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Where did the day go?

I must have been tired yesterday because I was nodding over the computer at 10:00 pm, so I went to bed -- and slept straight through until 8:30. After a leisurely breakfast, I watered the plants in the conservatory, observed the progress of the tiny green tomatoes (now considerably larger than peas!) and then decided to have another go at learning some simple CSS.

I am delighted to report that I now have an offline version of all the Eowyn challenge journeys, with a very simple index page that looks exactly like the kind of thing I've been able to do for years, but in this case is not done with a table, but by using DIV and defining simple text styles.

So I have achieved two things: moved one step nearer revamping my web site, which is badly outdated and also ensured that should anything happen to the Eowyn site, I can still continue trudging over Middle Earth for as long as I care to do so.

My panicky archiving of the journey mileages came about because I went here to update my progress, only to find it's no longer working. This was an Eeeek! moment as I find the Eowyn Challenge really helpful for motivating me to get out and walk and cycle and I didn't want to lose access to it. Realistically it's going to take me years to walk all the journeys and whoever hosts these pages may well decide it's something they no longer want to do.

At first I thought it wasn't going to work offline. I'd saved some strange Microsoft IE specific MHTML file and there were all sorts of bits of Javascript that gave IE the willies and threw up that annoying warning bar at the top of the window when running it offline, but copying and pasting just the table into Word and then resaving the file as HTML sorted it out and it will now load in either IE or Firefox (which would have nothing to do with the MHTML files).

Otherwise all I've done is driven into town, collected the local paper and bought a digital photography magazine and stocked up on food. G is away today at a conference in Southampton, but should be back "late" tonight, whenever "late" is. But I have food, just in case he comes home starving, as he is wont to do. :)

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