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I think I can count that as progress

Today the new bathroom project took a huge leap forward. The nice young man from the bathroom company came and measured up and we agreed the type of shower unit and loo and washbasin. He has done a sketch on graph paper and will now go and turn it into a wondrous CAD 3D image and tell us how much it will all cost.

Of course I had to do an emergency clean of the kitchen, stairs and hallway and the end of the conservatory that can be seen through the kitchen door/window. Also scrub the bathroom.

But we now have a clean house and the prospect of the new bathroom draws nearer. :)

I didn't get on the computer until about 4:00 pm, but I've tweaked another couple of photos from the WelshFlickrCymru photomeet last Sunday.

Barmouth Railway Bridge

Fishing from the Barmouth Bridge

I don't know why they've put their rods across the path. Despite the weather, the footpath by the railway line was busy. They're going to have to move those rods in a minute. :)

Cadair Idris in cloud, viewed from Barmouth

Despite the cloud, it didn't rain all day, but it was terribly windy.

Weathered wall, Barmouth

I'm never sure about my more abstract photos. I have tweaked this a little in PhotoShop Elements to bring out the colour, but I liked the texture of the peeling paint.

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