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Writing progress

Title: The one about dwarf miners (Still looking for a proper title)
Words revised today: 505
Total words in the story: 5300
Reason for stopping: Need to do other things

The urge to write -- or at least revise -- came back this morning and I sat down with the Eee and polished up the first 500 words of the very rough draft of the dwarf miners story.

Not sure whether this story is remotely saleable, but I did set myself the target of finishing at least 7 stories, which means I need to finish some shorts, saleable or not. :)

The return of my inclination to write may or may not be due at least in part to rasfc settling down and beginning to function as a writers' group again. With DF away travelling and JAD venting his hatred and loathing of the Brits (??!! Why? What have we ever done to him?) over in rasfm, the threads are, miracle of miracles! about writing or they're innocuous social bonding over food and cats.

Next step is to plan out another story so I can try the dictation while driving to work trick again. I've always said that I hatessss firsssst drafsssssessss, so if this avoids the Staring At the Blank Screen problem, I'm all for it.

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