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Quick update

I have literally a couple of minutes before the timer beeps to tell me the broccoli is done.

I have just watched the last two Doctor Who episodes -- Daleks uttering, "Exterminate!" in German are somehow even more scary than when the speak English! -- and I now am relaxing with half a glass of red wine.

At last! I can drink again after a week of no alcohol due to taking the antibiotic for the tooth. Now don't get me wrong. I don't drink much, but it's been a hard week, last week of term with a hell of a lot to do and no leeway because the students are finishing and everything has to be complete -- and I couldn't even unwind with a glass of wine with my dinner.

Anyway, the week had it's ups and downs, but everything did get done. My ECDL students did me proud on Friday because I'd had to cram all the PowerPoint stuff into two weeks instead of four, but only one failed the test. Only one failed the Module 8 test too (the multi-choice one). So a triumphant, if tiring final day.

Today the plumber came at 8:00 am to look at the bathroom with a view to quoting for the installation of the new shower, washbasin and toilet, and then I dashed into town to buy socks for G who is off to Mexico tomorrow. I ironed clothes, he packed and then I drove him to the station at Ruabon to catch the train to Manchester Airport where he'll stay the night and fly out early tomorrow.

Timer has beeped. Possibly more update later.

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