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More small achievements

I overslept this morning, but still made it to the Quaker meeting. I normally walk there, but because it was pouring down with rain -- not to mention being on the last minute! -- I drove. At this time of year we often get visiting Friends who are on holiday in the area and today we had two from Newport in South Wales.

After lunch I caught up with LJ and rasfc and then, as it hadn't rained for a little while, I decided to take a chance on the weather and cut the grass. I also took some photos to choose the best one to post for this week's offering for the "52 Weeks About U" group.
As it was too late to go out anywhere, I ended up taking them in the garden. :)

Worm's eye view of the mower.

Mower -- worm's eye view!

I had an "Eeek!" moment when I found a blackberry forming and realised that the summer is slipping away. It'll be autumn before we know it.

Early blackberry

Our lavender bush (which is in a large earthenware pot) didn't flower last year. I gave it new soil and it's perked up a lot.


This is the "before" picture of the grass that I mowed. :)

Grass with insect

In other news, I am no nearer to Lothlorien. I managed 1 mile yesterday walking into town, but though I got sufficient exercise today with the mowing, I didn't really walk very far, so nothing to count today.

Right... Off to bed now. Tomorrow I think I really need to start poking the stories. Surely I can make one of them go?
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