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Things begin to accelerate!

It looks like this is going to be one of those holidays where I end up being glad to go back to work for a rest. :)

So far today I have

- dealt with an 8:00 am phone call from Dave, the bloke who is going to fit our new bathroom. Dave has been talking to Steve (the bloke who is providing us with the nice new bathroom) and they have come up with a plan to do the work while I'm away. Our house is tiny and we only have the one toilet, but apparently it's not possible to remove the old one and fit the new one in a single day, so it's going to be better if we're not there. Only snag was, we hadn't yet chosen the floor tiles, so I arranged to pop up to the bathroom place in the afternoon to do that.

- done a load of washing so I will have clothes to take away with me on Wednesday.

- been to the dentist for the first round of the root canal treatment. Root now prepared and tooth temporarily filled. I go back in two weeks for the next stage.

- driven to Talybont (just north of Barmouth) to choose floor tiles. They had some nice pale stone effect ones that will go really nicely with the units. On the way there, I was delighted to see a kite fly overhead. Not the sort on a string (I saw some of those later on the beach!), but the birdy kind. Red kites were once one of the rarest birds in the UK, but due to the efforts to protect their breeding sites and the introduction of at least one new bird from Germany, they have steadily been on the increase and I'd noticed that they were spreading up the coast. I didn't know they'd reached this far north. I do hope it was one of a breeding pair.

- walked along the promenade at Barmouth and then back all along the beach. It had poured down in the morning and though it wasn't actually raining, it was chilly and very very grey. (Sorry about quality. Phone cam again.)

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

But despite the chill, there were two crazy people swimming! Can you see the little black dots? That's them, out in the breakers.

They must be mad!

- shopped in the Co-op on the way home for some food, made dinner and then ate it in front of the telly.

Now off to read Lolcats and then to bed...
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