Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Is it raining everywhere?

It certainly rained here in Wales today. I got to Aberystwyth in the dry and had a wander around and looked at cameras (but didn't buy just then). I did buy a couple of books, Don't Cry for me Aberystwyth and brownnicky's Shadow Web.

Then I went back to the car park and ate my sandwiches and thought about the cameras. I'd looked up the current offers from Jessops re Canon and Nikon and had printed out the details, only to leave the pages on my desk in the flurry of activity required to sort out a watering arrangement for the tomatoes, bag up and freeze the basil and clear the bathroom ready for Dave to start work.

Anyway, I remembered that I had made a note in my notebook about prices, so I returned to Jessops and, after a bit of negotiation, they gave me the same deal that was on the web page, which was a better deal then they were advertising in the shop. :)

I went with the Canon 450D in the end. The Nikon felt very heavy and I thought it might start to weigh me down after a day lugging it around a mountain. I've done well with my current Canon, so I'm looking forward to getting to know the more complex beastie.

Then I trundled on down south, with the rain coming down harder and harder. I found our son's house eventually, after driving round Port Talbot and then ending up virtually in Swansea (passing the new giant Amazon warehouse en route). Perhaps my next present to me should be a sat-nav?

But on the third try I found the right roundabout and I'm now snug and dry, looking forward to a relaxing evening. And I have a new toy to play with!
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