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Googling to identify the culprit

From the position and symptoms, it seems that I strained my plantaris muscle.

Prognosis is good. It will be painful, but it will heal. I can already hobble much faster. :)

In other news, I am now back home. Because the plumber phoned me on Saturday to say that things had taken a bit longer than he'd thought and that the toilet wouldn't be working, I stayed over another night with our daughter and drove all the way up Wales today.

Going home and then driving from there to the station in Ruabon to collect G (who arrived back from Mexico today), would mean heading all the way to the west only to zigzag back east again, so I headed up the border, where Welsh and English place names mingle. This is a part of the world I don't really know, so it made a pleasant change to travel through Hereford and Leominster and then on towards Shrewsbury instead of going straight up the middle via Builth Wells and Rhayadr.

I stopped a couple of times, first to buy some food and diesel at a garage and then to have a look at Stokesay Castle. I didn't have enough time to go inside, but I visited the church and admired the old fortified house from outside. I only took snapshots because the sky was grey (and not the dramatic or interesting grey either, just dull and flat). Pictures will eventually be forthcoming, but I have to work for the next two days, so it's likely to be Thursday before I can sort out the best of the bunch.

Now to eat and spend the evening doing not very much. :)

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