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Taps! Tomatoes!

The bathroom continues to progress. When I came home I noticed that the wires that had been protruding from the wall in the hallway had been tidied up and are now connected to the shower switch that sits on the wall outside the bathroom. (Some new safety legislation, apparently.) Upstairs I discovered that the alarm clock had stopped and when I came to check my email, the broadband router needed rebooting.

My Sherlock Holmesian deductive powers told me that the electrician had been working on the wiring for the shower. The plumber has not been idle either. He has replaced the kitchen sink taps. Bliss! You turn the tap and water comes out: so simple, so not what we've had for ages. :) For the last umpteen months, turning on the kitchen cold water has been something of a lottery. Water may decide to come out -- or it may not. If it comes out, it may come out as a dribble or a torrent. Suddenly the uncertainty has gone.

I like it!

Also it looks like two of the tomatoes will be ready to eat by the weekend. Our own little tomatoes!

I could get into this growing your own food lark. And it's not a case of measuring food miles with these tomatoes. Food inches more like. :)

I plan to take pictures on Saturday.

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