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Half an apology

I discovered today that I owe Microsoft half an apology. Last week I said:

I have been telling them [i.e. my students] for several weeks that I cannot find any way to make Publisher XP version alter the page numbers so you can start the numbering at e.g. page 4. I have delved in the deepest and darkest parts of the Help. I have been onto Microsoft's on-line help. I have Googled, in case anyone else has found out where this option is hidden. Fellow members of staff have also searched and the one with-it student has been browsing in bookshops to see if any of the How To books have the information. None of us can find anything. It just doesn't seem to be an option in Publisher XP, though the 2000 version did it without a problem. But I cannot get through to the other 4 students that it can't be done.

Well, today I found it! So an apology to Microsoft for accusing them of removing the feature, but then I take back half of the apology, because why did they hide it so well on a completely different menu to where it was before? In case anyone wants to know, it's now in Insert then Section... instead of Tools then Options. It isn't even like Word, which is Format then Page Numbers, which has a certain logic to it, unlike the Publisher menus.

However, as I found it while looking for something else (which I didn't find), I'm only half chuffed.

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