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What I did on my holiday

Well, you already know most of it. (Though having said that, I did write a long post on the Eee that I haven't yet managed to post because I couldn't connect via our daughter's wireless broadband. Must remember to do that tomorrow.)

On the way down south, I stopped off in Aberystwyth. I was surprised to find the town very quiet and was even a little concerned that it might be heading for an economic downturn -- but then I remembered that I was there during that little pocket of time that happens just once or twice a year when only the locals are there. The students will have finished for the summer and the schools hadn't yet broken up, so no holidaymakers.

Aberystwyth Promenade

Aberystwyth Promenade
Snapped on the way south to stay with the offspring. I bought my new camera in Aber, but this was taken with the little Olympus point-and-shoot.

Aberystwyth Pier

Aberystwyth Pier
The pier at Aberystwyth. Many years ago, when I was a student in Aber, I went ballroom dancing on the pier. Once. :)

You've already seen the photos of the steel works. Here are some normal holiday pics taken in Bristol Zoo and Margam Abbey.

Exotic bird

Some sort of bird in the aviary at Bristol Zoo.

Margam Abbey

I was pleased with the way the new camera coped with the abbey interior.

View through a window

Looking out from the ancient stone museum at the abbey graveyard.

Statue in Margam Abbey

This camera shows much less noise at high ISO levels than the Canon PowerShot.

Graveyard at Margam Abbey

First experiments with the new camera. The weather wasn't very cooperative, but Margam Abbey is a very pleasant spot. Shot of the graveyard with the ancient stone museum in the background.

Stokesay Castle

Stokesay Castle
Snapped on the way back home, the weather was so gloomy and I had so little time, it didn't seem worth hauling the good camera out of the car. But this gives an impression of the place.

The gatehouse, Stokesay Castle

The gatehouse, Stokesay Castle
This snap was taken from the graveyard of the nearby church.

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