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Quick update

The reason that I haven't been posting isn't that I have nothing to say, but that I have no time to put my thoughts into a coherent form.

Still busy at work. The pile of assignments on my desk it getting smaller and I hope to have dealt with them all by the end of next week. I'm only in for two days next week, but that should be enough time to mop up the remainder.

One reason I'm coming in next week is because it's my colleague Val's last day before she retired. She had the official "do" a few weeks ago, but several of us thought it would be a bit of an anticlimax if she was here all on her own because we'd all gone off on leave for the summer.

Writing news: I have been experimenting with the digital recorder again and tomorrow I have to get the Dragon Naturally Speaking to transcribe the resulting two audio files for me. This time I tried dictating some punctuation, which is probably a bit random, but at least means that I won't end up with one 3,000 word long sentence!

Health news: I had the root canal treatment done last Monday. The abscess had healed up beautifully, so no need for any more antibiotics. Also the plantaris muscle in the strained leg continues to improve slowly. I can now go downstairs normally instead of having to put the bad leg down one stair then bring the good leg down to join it, which made descending stairs tedious and slow.

Time to go home now. Friday night is pizza night, followed by collapsing in front of something mindless on the TV. I am too tired to think about writing so I will get my iPod to read me a story from EscapePod or PodCastle on the way home.

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