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Linky round up

Here are just a few of the interesting things that I've found amongst my friends' posts in the past few days.

Via matociquala, choice paralysis is a real condition! I now have scientific evidence to back up my feelings of helplessness when faced with one choice too many. As I always say whenever some idiot on the TV and radio goes on about people wanting more Choice in health, education or whatever. No, we don't actually want Choice, we want the best option for us (or our loved one or child).

Choice is the way the system works at the moment to try to provide the best fit for everyone, but in a hypothetical ideal situation, we'd be sized up and only offered the exact right thing that we need/want.

It has made me think though and I'm going to try to stop making pointless and unnecessary decisions, such as browsing through mail order catalogues before disposing of them. I need to save my brain power for things that matter.

Via cynthia1960, review of Mamma Mia with a feminist slant. Everything I've seen about this film makes it sound like fun. Abba somehow passed me by first time round but more recently I've developed a fondness for their songs. Their music is ideal for driving home late at night after an evening class, singing along to help keep me awake. It's also good for doing the ironing to.

But the whole thing about the film having been shot with a female gaze has made me absolutely determined to see it on the big screen. When I did the OU course on Issues in Women's Studies, I wrote an essay about the Male Gaze and how women have to watch films at a slant all the time. Not having to do that will make a pleasant change.

Via footlingagain, the robot jellyfish. So elegant, so soothing!

In other news... The new bathroom (which is how I still refer to it, despite the fact that it no longer contains a bath) is fully functional, though not quite complete. Still to do is: replace the door, replace the radiator with a heated towel rail and make good the holes in the wall. The handles for the under-sink cupboard arrived by post and as they only required screwing on (holes in the door were pre-drilled), we did that ourselves.

It is lovely to be able to have a quick shower in the morning without having to struggle with the rubber shower attachment and juggle the water temperature, which used to take ages to get right, and then have to crouch in the bath trying not to squirt water over the sides.

In other other news... Two more tomatoes will be ready to eat tomorrow. :)

And finally, possibly a contender for the most boring video? (And yet somehow strangely calming.) Dominic Byrne, newsreader on Radio 1's Chris Moyles show, mows his lawn.

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