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Writing progress for the past few days

Story Title: A Necessary Evil
Words written typed up yesterday: 2998
Scene cards written: None (didn't get around to it)

Story Title: Dark Mind Waking
Words written: 1005


Progress is very intermittent at the moment, but I found a big chunk of Chapter 11 of A Necessary Evil that needed typing up, so I dictated it via Dragon Naturally Speaking to help with its training.

The Dark Mind Waking words were dictated to the digital voice recorder en route to work and then transcribed automatically. I managed to put in some punctuation this time, so I didn't end up with one ginormous sentence. It does look to be a bit ... um ... garbled in places, but I'll sort it out tomorrow.

Otherwise I've been reading more of Naomi Novik's Throne of Jade (which I'm enjoying). I've also installed the utility software for the new Canon EOS 450D, downloaded the pictures I took yesterday while playing with the Tamron 70-300mm lens, tweaked and printed some pictures of Erin that I took while I was away and basically did not much else. Well, I did do my Good Neighbour bit around lunchtime when our neighbour's son knocked on the door to say that his mother had been hit on the forehead by a tree branch and needed to go to casualty. They don't have a car and I could hardly expect her to walk, even though it was a small branch and the bump looked nasty but not actually serious.

Fortunately our neighbour was seen immediately. A nurse checked the bump and slight cut on her temple, cleaned it up, took her blood pressure and reassured her that everything was OK. I then drove neighbour and son home again. Son is in his early 20s, but doesn't have a car so it's just as well we were at home and it wasn't a work day.

I just heard the microwave beep, so dinner is almost ready. Time to put the computer off and eat and then relax in front of the TV. Just before I go, here's a lily. I'd arranged a special session for one of my students so she could re-sit a test and she gave me a bunch of flowers. They made an excellent subject for experiments with the new camera. :)

Lily stamens

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