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What I did on my holiday -- Day #1 Mamma Mia

Day #1 was yesterday and G and I went to our nearest multiplex cinema (1½ hour's drive away in Llandudno Junction) and had lunch and then watched Mamma Mia. We both loved it and G declared that we must get it on DVD to watch again at regular intervals. G is not a typical male when it comes to tastes in films. :)

I also contemplated my wardrobe.

One of the indulgences of the holidays is being able to relax each evening and watch TV, just like normal people. Thus I came to be watching Trinny and Susannah undress the nation.

Now I'm not all that fond of Trinny and Susannah, to be honest. I feel that they are rather bullying and try to make all the women into clones of themselves, but their point about a capsule wardrobe did strike a chord:

Rule four: Create a capsule wardrobe
You don’t have to go out and buy hundreds of items to have a good wardrobe. A few simple, classic items that you can mix and match with many items is a just as good, if not better. “Create a capsule wardrobe so what you buy matches something you already have at home,” explains Susannah.

We have very little storage space in the house and I literally have a wardrobe to house my entire collection of clothing[*]. Also I am bored with wearing the same things to work week in, week out. I'm also fed up of looking for something to put on in the mornings and finding that nothing seems to quite go with anything else. Yet finally I don't want to end up wearing nothing but black and white!

So I have determined that over the next couple of weeks, while I'm off work, I will go through my wardrobe, purge anything I don't wear and replace it with things I will wear. I have already been online and ordered a dress that was reduced to almost half price because I actually like wearing skirts and dresses, yet hardly ever do.

Just one thing about this capsule wardrobe idea though, I really will need two or possibly even three "wardrobes" for the different things I do. Which brings me to my other gripe about Trinny and Susannah. They told all these women to go and choose a garment from the "shop" they had set up for the programme, but before I can choose a garment, I need to know where I'm going to wear it. I don't wear the same clothes for mooching about at home or for going out somewhere for the day as I do for work. And as to one suggestion I found on a web site about the capsule wardrobe concept, sorry, but I do need more than two pairs of shoes. I can't wear either the pair of flat pumps or the pair with a little heel (which is all you say that I need) if I go out for a walk up a mountain. Neither could I run in them, nor would they be suitable for cycling.

But certainly for work, the idea should be helpful, so I will pursue it further.

[*] OK, that's not quite true. There are also a couple of small drawers that house undies, socks and tights and there are pegs downstairs in the hall where the outdoor coats hang, but otherwise everything has to fit in one medium sized, free-standing wardrobe.
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