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What I did on my holidays -- Day #2 mouse hunt and wardrobe purge

Further to my last post about capsule wardrobes, I've just had a purge of my wardrobe to get rid of stuff I no longer wear (or in the case of two garments, have never worn).

To be thrown out:

  • 4 cardigans, much worn, now too shabby

  • 6 pairs trousers, all well worn in the past, now too small/shabby.

  • 1 skirt, also worn quite a bit but not right for work and I'm not going to cons at the moment (which is where I've mostly worn it)

To go to charity shop:

  • 1 purple sparkly top, only worn once at A's wedding reception. A bit tight now and even if I lose a few pounds, I can't think where I would wear it again.

  • 1 hippyish jacket with sort-of-elvish script on it and a sprinkling of sequins. I've worn this a fair bit, mostly at cons, but I have no plans to go to a con this year or in fact for a while.

  • 1 very pretty sun-dress, never worn. I must have been having a brainstorm when I bought it last year when looking for a dress to wear at M's wedding. Why did I ever think I'd wear a dress that came so low at the front? Also the skirt bunches out and makes my hips look big.

  • 1 pair jeans, never worn, too tight now. Even if I lose those pounds, I've gone off these, they are not really me.

  • 1 skirt, worn occasionally, too tight now.

Earlier today I cleared all the scrap paper out of the corner. Found more stashes of peanuts, but no actual sighting of the mouse. Either it's hiding under the bookcase or filing cabinet or it commutes each night from the airing cupboard in the next room.

A pair of cats is looking increasingly attractive!
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