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What I did on my holidays -- Day #3 A silent morning and still hunting the mouse

The local Quaker group only meets once a fortnight but there was a meeting this morning. I'd slept rather late and not hurried to get ready, but I still thought I was on time, but then realised I wasn't, so I drove up to the house where we meet because although the strained leg is more or less OK now, I didn't want to push it by rushing up the hill, even though it is scarcely 15 minutes walk.

We're a small group, but they're very pleasant company and we always have tea and biscuits and a chat once the meeting proper is over.

After lunch (bread, cheese and salad, including 3 more tiny home grown tomatoes!) I continued the search for the mouse. I cleared out the corner of my study thoroughly, vacuumed up the mouse droppings and bits of nibbled peanut and cleared the food caches from the bookcase. I found more places it had been stashing food. There were piles of magazines and a box of papers on the futon chair which the mouse had obviously been visiting.

So the study is getting a thorough cleaning and I managed to find the humane no-kill trap at the back of the kitchen cupboard. Trap is now set and baited with a couple of peanuts. Now we just have to wait and see whether we catch anything.

Otherwise I haven't done much other than read LJ and look at Flickr and read more of brownnicky's gripping Shadow Web. Definitely un-put-downable!

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