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What I did on my holidays -- Day #4 I declutter lots of paper

Not an exciting day by any means. G went off to Bangor to hand in the revised and now utterly finished version of his PhD thesis and I plodded through the pile of paper that had been sitting in a basket on the futon chair and finally dealt with the last papers out of the over-door hanging file.

The over-door hanging file seemed like a good idea at the time and it was certainly better than the huge amorphous piles I tended to accumulate before, but it still encouraged me to leave stuff hanging there instead of dealing with it. The idea was it had half a dozen pockets, so I could pre-sort paper into categories.

Now, however, a la Getting Things Done, I just have one "bucket", namely an in-tray on my desk. And I have reduced the pile of papers that need dealing with or filing to a pile a mere 4" (20cm) high!

This should delight me, but I always find a day decluttering paper leaves me emotionally flat, if not actually a bit dismal. Anyway, we are off to North Wales to see my Dad tomorrow. My brother and nephew will be there, so bit of family socialising should buck me up again.

And then for the rest of the week, as long as it doesn't rain, I need to start getting some exercise again. The leg feels fine, so there's no reason not to get back to the walking.
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