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News and weather forecast

It must be going to turn cold again tonight. The car was spattered twice with grit as I drove home and passed the gritter heading out the other way.

In other news:

The search for a missing glove was called off this evening when it was found safe and well in a pile of leaves at the foot of the car park wall. The glove (of black fleece material) had been reported missing by its owner, llygoden at approximately 8 am this morning.

"I was driving to work," llygoden said, "And when I felt in my pocket, it wasn't there. I was devastated. I am extremely fond of those gloves and my hands appreciate them as well."

Busy in work all day, llygoden was unable to search until she returned home. To her delight, the glove was waiting for her as she drove back into the carpark outside her home. "I saw a small, huddled dark shape in my headlights as I swung round in front of the garage," llygoden said, trying to hide her emotion. "I hardly dared hope, but when I got out, there it was. I am so relieved."

Close family members revealed that the glove is very wet and gritty, but otherwise none the worse for its adventure. It is now recovering in the laundry basket, awaiting the next wash.

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