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What I did on my holidays -- Day #5 I socialise with family and fail to catch the mouse

Yesterday was spent with my Dad, brother and nephew. (Sister-in-law was working and niece is in Geneva, staying with a friend.)

The drive up wasn't too bad, not too much holiday traffic, and I allowed just the right amount of time so we arrived exactly at 12:00 noon, as arranged. Dad had booked a table at a local pub and seeing as I couldn't drink anyway because I had to drive us home, I chauffeured everyone to the pub.

After lunch we returned to Dad's for more conversation before heading home in time for dinner and TV.

Yes, the TV...

I have to say I am sadly disappointed with "Bonekickers". In fact considering that it's by the same team that created Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, which for me were definitely "must sees", it was very disappointing. From initial information I had expected something along the lines of an archaeological version of Silent Witness where we would see real lab techniques combined with archaeology, all spiced up with a bit of adventure and character relationships. What we actually get are episodes that make Indiana Jones seem like a careful and meticulous archaeologist! At least Indie gets upset when priceless, mysterious and mythical artefacts are lost or destroyed, whereas the Bonekickers team have managed to destroy one priceless, mysterious and mythical artefact[*] in nearly every episode by either setting it on fire or blowing it up. And no one every refers to them again or seems in the slightest bit put out that they've bungled yet again. Several reviewers have noted that the title "Bonekickers" contains the word "bonkers" and perhaps that should have been a clue, but each week I regret the show that it could have been.

And yet somehow I find myself watching the bloody programme every week! Why? There is something about it that's strangely addictive. :)

Oh... I nearly forgot the mouse update. Yesterday I discovered that the mouse had managed to enter the trap and remove the peanuts, without being caught. *Sigh*

[*] Namely: The True Cross, the miraculously preserved body of Queen Boudicca, the bones of Joan of Arc. Yes, it makes the Da Vinci Code look sensible. :)

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