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What I did on my holidays -- Day #6 Mundane domesticity

Today was not an exciting day by any stretch of the imagination. I trotted into town first thing to buy milk, cleaning products for the bathroom and shower, a few bits and pieces for lunch and some heavy duty rubble sacks so I can sort out the stuff left over from the bathroom makeover that now needs to be disposed of.

The plumber had carefully piled everything into the bath, but we can't get rid of it like that in one fell swoop because a) no one could lift a bath containing a WC, washbasin and pedestal, the old vinyl tiles off the floor and sundry other junk and b) the council now charge £15 for the removal of up to 5 large items but "bath full of junk" is not going to count as one item.

I have a plan, but as it kept tipping down with rain at intervals through the day, I haven't put it into action yet.

So the day was spent doing ironing while listening to a PodCastle story "Spell of the Sparro" and moving the bookcase and small filing cabinet in my study and cleaning behind them.

I discovered two things:

  1. Where the mouse had been feasting on all the peanuts it had stolen

  2. That mice are fussy eaters and carefully peel peanuts, leaving a pile of the papery brown skins, liberally sprinkled with mouse poo.

So the study is now much cleaner, but I am still none the wiser as to where the mouse can be lurking. There doesn't seem to be anywhere left in the study where it can be hiding. Perhaps it does commute in daily from the airing cupboard?

The rain has now stopped for a moment, so I will trot into town again and buy something for dinner. Tomorrow I investigate the airing cupboard...

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