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The mind she boggles...

Perhaps you've seen the recent story about the woman who had her beloved pitbull cloned? Well, she's been in the news before, back in 1977.

I do actually remember this case now my memory has been jogged by the article. She kidnapped a young Morman missionary and held him prisoner, forcing him to have sex with her until he finally managed to escape some days later. Anyway, it seems McKinney jumped bail and fled the country before the case could come properly to trial. This means that officially she's still a wanted woman in the UK. But you have to admit, the woman has style: "...at this point they fled to Canada disguised as mime artists."

Oh, and I do hope those puppies grow up to be docile. The article says: "...she will take three of the cloned dogs to her home in California and donate the others to work as service dogs for the handicapped or elderly."

!!!! Surely they don't normally use pitbulls for this kind of work, do they? I don't think I'd want a dog who was a clone of an animal that had once been under sentence of death for mauling two joggers!

Meanwhile, something completely different...

Via a link in a comment thread to one of matociquala's post about the Presumptuous Cat.

Hamlet is on Facebook.

I love it! :)
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