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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Lothlorien

Miles travelled today: 5
Miles travelled so far: 64 (522 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 398
Percentage complete: 14%

Rivendell to Lothlorien:

64/462 (14%)

Point reached on journey: We have now left the streambed behind.

Where I really went...

I decided not to go to Cricieth after all but instead to combine exercise and a shopping trip by the simple expedient of driving to Arthog[*] and then walking along the old railway line to Morfa Mawddach and then across the railway bridge to Barmouth.

This proved more interesting and much better for my health than driving all the way there. In fact I must do this again. I like Barmouth, it brings out all my working class love for the cheap and cheerful. :)

After the mixed weather this morning, the day settled and I didn't need to wear a jacket on the way there.

Cadair Idris from Barmouth Bridge

Crossing the railway bridge to Barmouth

Taken from about half way across the bridge.

Barmouth beach

Yet by the time I was ready to head for home, the clouds were rolling in and people were beginning to abandon the beach. I just missed the donkeys who I saw being driven off in a trailor.

I'm pleased to say that I managed to find just what I wanted in Woolworths: two A4 ringbound notebooks with decent writing paper for doing the creative writing activities and some plastic scissors that will cut wavy edges. The latter are for making the word cards for the Welsh class. There is an element of one-upmanship in this and I've noticed some people favour the crinkle edged cards over plain ones. Though of course these score above bits of paper randomly torn from a notebook and scribbled on in biro. :)

[*] G always jokes that it would be fun to sneak to Arthog in the depth of night and add a "W" in front of the name on the village sign. :)
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