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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Lothlorien

Miles travelled earlier this week: 4
Miles travelled today: 4.75
Miles travelled so far: 77.25 (535.25 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 384.75
Percentage complete: 17%

Rivendell to Lothlorien:

77/462 (17%)

Point reached on journey: We have reached the top of a rise, and started to head southeast.

Where I really went...

I did the walk around the lane that I only discovered last year. I like this walk as it has no memories attached. Many of the local walks take me past places associated with the past, which can make me feel melancholy. But today I came back feeling invigorated because there was even a bit of blue sky!

A welcome sight after all the rain!

Dolgellau in the distance
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