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How not to unblock a downspout

As all Brits are aware, we have not had the best of summers this year. During the recent downpours, the rain was overflowing from the gutter and cascading in a small waterfall onto the conservatory roof below. Many nights we fell asleep to the spatter and splash of falling water.

Yesterday, as you saw from the photo, was actually fine. I was upstairs doing stuff on my computer and I came down to look for to G to show him a droll photo I'd found on Flickr. The back door was open and I found him hacking down the vegetation that had grown up at the side of the house. He also had a large hacksaw. He said he was trying to get at the downspout and drain. I left him to it, and went back upstairs.

A little while later, I heard the *rasp-rasp--rasp--rasp--rasp* of a saw followed by a huge


and a cry of, "Ugh!"

Concerned, I went downstairs again and looked out of the back door. But G was still working away down the side of the house and seemed fine. I returned to the computer and it was only later that G came in very wet and rather smelly. It transpired that when he sawed a chunk off the bottom of the downpipe in order to remove the leaves and gunge that build up and block it, the blockage came unstuck rather suddenly and the whole downpipeful of water that had backed up right to roof level whooshed out and sloshed over him. No, I didn't laugh. I was very sympathetic, but I had to do an extra load of laundry while G had a shower. :)


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