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Land of song, yes indeed we are!

I haven't been following the BBC's Last Choir standing every week (it's a talent contest for choirs), but last night was the semi-final and two Welsh choirs were still in the running. Only Men Aloud, a small male voice choir from Cardiff got enough phone votes to go straight through to the final, along with another choir called Revelation.

Ysgol Glanaethwy (a (relatively) local school choir and thus the ones I was rooting for) had to go head to head with ACM Gospel Choir and be judged by the judges to see who would take the last remaining place in the final week.

ACM Gospel Choir pulled out all the stops and my heart sank a little. They'll have to sing well to beat that, I thought, but bless them, Ysgol Glanaethwy sang their hearts out and got the judges vote.

Their arrangement of Circle of Life was so good it made the hair on the back of my neck prickle. Here it is on the web site. (It seems to come up as the video already in the player window. If it doesn't just choose from the list further down the page.)

It really shows what kids can do when they're well-motivated and have a good teacher. :)

ETA: Ysgol Glanaeathwy's bilingual version of Rhythm of Life is pretty good to!

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