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Just to say that I've been back to work with a vengeance this week. Monday and Tuesday were what in this house are known as INSECT days. (More properly known as INSET, ie training sessions on sundry topics for the college staff.)

Today (heavens is it really only Wednesday? The week already seems far more than 3 days long.) I had a student in this morning to do a re-sit ECDL test. While she did that I revised the lesson plan for Week 1 of the digital photography course.

At lunch time I tried out the practice Level 2 numeracy test. For some reason they've decided that we must all have qualifications in literacy and numeracy at level 2. I already have a Level 5 Key Skills certificate for Communication -- not to mention the BA(hons) -- so that's OK, but Chris, our Key Skills co-ordinator thought my aged grade C A-level could do with being superseded by something more recent, so I ought to do the numeracy. I did just over half the questions in less then half the time and then got bored. I only got two wrong, so I suppose they'll make me take the real test next.

This afternoon was spent talking and talking and talking on the phone. At least my photography classes are looking very healthy and one or two are full or almost so. I want to be able to send the letters out confirming places on Friday, so I'll be phoning round again tomorrow evening, even though I'm not in work due to it being my day off in lieu of Monday. The problem is, the people who want evening classes are not at home during the day, so phoning from college is useless.

Brain is now shutting down for the evening. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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