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Impeccable timing

As I ambled downstairs this morning, I found a long flat envelope on the mat. Inside was a rather nice free calendar from Floodline, our friendly helpful flood warning service. (I do think their logo is rather clever.) They keep trying to get us to go back on their telephone warning system, but I was fed up of being wakened at 3.00 am in the morning by a recorded message telling us that our property was in danger, when actually it isn't. Moving blearily into the kitchen, I then saw that the bottom of our garden was under water and that the woodland and playing fields beyond were well and truly flooded. "A photo opportunity!" I thought and grabbing the camera, I trotted out to take pictures.

I took a couple in the garden first. Our neighbour's cat was very disgruntled that a large part of her territory was now under water. You can see the depth of water from the fence.

Here's the view of the bottom of our garden from what I rather optimistically call "the lower terrace".

However, despite the Environment Agency's concern, the house itself is perfectly safe. Our garden slopes up very steeply and the whole town would be under water before our house was flooded. As you can see, it's well out of danger.

G requested more piccies of the flooding so, after a quick snack, I set off further afield and took lots of pictures of grey water swilling about where it oughtn't to be. There were a couple of men despondently surveying the football and rugby pitches. No games this weekend...

I find this picture very Welsh somehow. Any one not familiar with Wales can see from this why papersky, while trying to describe a landscape, complained that there aren't enough words for "grey" in English. The standing stones are not ancient, by the way, they are the Gorsedd circle, where the crowning ceremony of the winning Bard takes place and indicates that my home town once hosted the National Eisteddfod. But we tell gullible tourists that human sacrifices used to take place here. (No, we don't actually, but I'm often tempted.)

But at least the work the council did on the river some years ago paid off. At one time the bridge got very silted up and when the river rose after torrential rain, the water went over the wall onto the car park and into the town. Lots of digging out and wall-strengthening later, the town is a lot safer.


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