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I don't normally do political but I'll make an exception just this once...

Most people on my LJ friends list support Obama, but a small minority have spoken out in favour of Sarah Palin.

Now I've only seen one short clip of Sarah Palin on TV last night, but I can see her appeal. She seems very likeable. It's her body language, which is open and friendly and just the right amount of confident.

However... My philosophy, whether it's with regard to computers or cars horses or people has always been, "handsome is as handsome does," so I've always voted for policies not personalities.[1] I deeply mistrust her beliefs, though thankfully neither I nor my daughter nor my grand-daughter will have to live with the consequences of any changes to US law if McCain and Palin are elected. Unfortunately we will have to live with their foreign policy and McCain saying that in order to keep the US safe, they had to go on the offensive is not at all reassuring. :)

In the interests of fairness, I'm obliged to say that I'm not that enamoured of Obama either. Any man who says he wants to change the world is more than a bit scary. Personally I'd much rather the US kept itself to itself and left the rest of us in peace, but I don't suppose that's going to happen any time soon.

Sticking my neck out, I'll be surprised if Obama wins and if I was a betting person (which I'm not) I'd be putting money on there being another Republican president.[2] I know I've only spent a very short time in the US, but I found it a complete culture shock. In the UK we see so many US TV shows and films over here that we think we know America, but we really don't. If I remember the numbers correctly (quoted on the radio yesterday morning), for the past 22 out of 28 years, the US has been Republican. I don't see any signs of a major shift.

[1]Do UK politicians have much of a personality, I hear cynics say. :)

[2]Just out of interest, I've Googled to see what the bookies have to say and currently Obama is favourite (2-1) with McCain trailing at 3-2.
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